What we believe in

Our principles & values that guide us


Allowing each other to be who we are. We are tired of being someone society wants us to be. We strive to accept & celebrate each other. I do me. And you do you. 

We think that authenticity + transparency is the base for trust.


Showing it like it is. The good, the bad. Choosing transparency as a guiding principle, makes living & working with each other so much easier.


Working the way that works for you personally is empowering. Owning your schedule, your location & your time gives you flexibility to design your way of life.


Many of us feel unconnected with nature, with ourselves and the loved ones around us. Learning how to re-connect is how we heal. 

It is how we feel alive.

Feeling alive

Dancing in the grass barefoot. Laughing with your kids. Surfing. Making an algorithm work. Accomplishing something. Whatever it is. We need more time for this.

Culture reports

We write quarterly culture reports to share our progress & learnings as a team. Get insights into how we live and work.

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